DSM: RE: DSM Looking for a school

From: Alex Stewart (alex@natural-parenting.com)
Date: Mon Jan 14 2002 - 02:26:07 EST

>>hi alex! i stupidly assumed you were a man because of the name. or i've just stuck my foot in my mouth and you are! apologies if necessary. anyway, the sacramento school was around 900 dollars a month, only i can't now remember if that was for 2 kids or 1. i tend to think it was for both of the school aged kids. is that your site - natural parenting? i'll check it out. anyway, i'm sending along a couple of old posts that i dug up and fortunately hadn't deleted. maybe they can help you further. i too hope our situation will turn out positively for all with the least amount of stress. and the same goes for you!<<

Sorry for not clarifying - it's an easy mistake! Yes, I'm the mom. That is my site - I am hoping to highlight Sudbury model schools in Feb. Thanks for all your info, it's a great help! eeks - those fees are out of our range (esp. with 5 children!), but we will still check out the school on our visit of the area.

Thanks again,


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