DSM: Re:Diploma Question

From: Sugmapl@aol.com
Date: Sat Jan 12 2002 - 21:45:26 EST

Dear Lisa,

Thanks so much for your post.

I best understand the diploma question, if I move it way back down to the
front, to the very first moment the child arrives at the school house door.
See, if we offer freedom and respect in that very first moment, then we only
have to ask ourselves whether we offer it because way down deep in our bones,
we believe that the child is fully a person deserving of that freedom and
respect (that it is basically the child's right to that freedom and respect),
or whether we offer it because we have often seen in our experience that such
an offering has yielded deep and truly profound results and outcomes.

It is of course my contention that if we offer freedom looking for results,
we have sadly missed the stunningly real possibility of offering freedom
without looking for results. When we approach this work from the paradigm of
offering freedom and declining to look for results, we may be assured, if
fact we may be certain, that the results, all of the results, are wholly
owned by the child.

And, finally, as a practical matter, if we did not care for the results, if
we did not get the results we liked, if we were getting too many of those
students who lay around and sleep off the night before, would we suggest a
change? If we do not get the results we care for, might we abandon the
offering of freedom?

It is our choice and a simple choice. The freedom we speak of, it is either
our program, or, it is a thing, in and of itself, defined and owned by the
child. Even the one napping on the couch.

Warmest Regards,
Bill Richardson



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