Re: DSM: Complete list of schools?

From: Scott David Gray (
Date: Sat Jan 12 2002 - 12:13:52 EST

To speak to the heart of Alex's question: Freedom to make
one's own choices is central to the Sudbury movement. So
one can't exactly _give_ an "official" link list.

There does _not_ exist any umbrella organization which
"makes sure" that all of the schools _are_ Sudbury schools
and provides a comprehensive list of them that all Sudbury
schools agree on. Each school community has its own ideas as
to what constitutes "a Sudbury school," or more to the point
each school chooses which other schools it will associate
itself with.

The "Sudbury Network" is a group of private persons that are
not members of any Sudbury school School Meeting, who
looking at these schools from the outside have their own
ideas as to which schools are Sudbury schools. As they
point out in their literature, though it is not always
obvious to a casual observer, "SERN is an independent
organization which is neither sponsored by nor under the
auspices of any Sudbury model school."

Meanwhile, active School Meetings who are constantly
considering these issues and who have a great deal of
information at their disposal, maintain some links pages of
their own:
 for example

Of course people disagree about which sources of information
fit their own needs. The considerations include whether or
not the provider is trustworthy from the user's perspective,
whether or not the provider has similar opinions to those of
the user, and whether or not the provider is well placed to
get current information in the user's opinion.

My personal opinion? I prefer to get my information from
people who are closest to the source. Whatever else one can
say about the people at sudburynetwork (all of whom are
parents at Sudbury Valley I believe), I don't think that
they could have the same capacity as the School Meeting of a
working school to make the very tough judgments about who to
list and who not to list.

As such, I would use a school's list of other schools --
rather than one maintained by a group of parents from one of
those schools. If I want to know what organizations a
person allies himself with, I will look primarily at a page
maintained by that person -- rather than a page _about_ that
person maintained by someone else.

In part because most new startup schools contact SVS first,
and in part because it's absurd to imagine Sudbury Valley
_not_ being a Sudbury Model school, when other schools don't
have their own link list and use one provided by another
school, the only one I've seen them use is at

The list at -- it is up to
date and comprehensive, and a great deal of thought is put
into it by several people every time another group requests
a listing.

Of course, maybe my bias comes from the fact that I maintain
the page at :-)

On Sat, 12 Jan 2002, Martin Wilke wrote:

> > I am new to the list and searching every corner of the Internet for an
> > up-to-date list of Sudbury Schools, particularly in California - I have
> > visited all the school sites that are mentioned on the
> > site but was wondering if anymore have sprung up. Can anyone point me in
> > the right direction?
> > Many thanks,
> > Alex

--Scott David Gray
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