DSM: Re: Diploma question

From: LisaLyons2@aol.com
Date: Thu Dec 27 2001 - 23:11:51 EST

>From Lisa, Fairhaven-- In answer to Joe's recent comment, "I see the gravity
of a student living in a Sudbury environment for a few years to be
life-transforming and earth-shaking," I think that's usually true, but not
always. I've seen a lot of students leave influenced for the better by their
time at a Sudbury school, but I've also seen some kids who routinely used
their time to recover from drug excesses of the night before, or to take
naps. Also some kids who never bought into the philosophy because they had a
parent at home casting doubt on it or sending them to school with
assignments. Our schools are great, but they're not magic. They require
commitment and effort.

Simply being at a Sudbury school is good, but growing up watching older kids
get serious about their lives and wanting (no stick involved) to articulate
to others what they've done and what they intend to do, is even better. That,
to me, is one of the reasons why the SVS graduation process with thesis and
Assembly vote has value. I was pleased to hear that Booroobin has the same
process. Fairhaven does too, at the moment, but another Assembly is coming
up. Our current candidates for graduation, who persuaded the Assembly to
accept the SVS process, have their fingers crossed.


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