Re: DSM: RE: Re: Homeschooling and the sense of community

From: Marvin K. Mooney (
Date: Wed Dec 12 2001 - 09:21:57 EST

I would just like to briefly weigh in on this
conversation. I think that what Liz has found for her
children sounds lovely, and can probably be as
enriching and positive an alternative to the oppresive
public school system as a Sudbury model school.
Unfortunately many communities do not have a large
percentage of stay at home/work from home parents who
have an interest in giving their children such
freedom. That would seem to be the most compelling
reason for a sudbury school, to give parents who need
to work away from home an option (options are good, we
love choice) that allows their children maximum
freedom. It also seems important for children who may
prefer to be away from their immediate family during
the day.



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