DSM: RE: diploma

From: Joe Jackson (shoeless@jazztbone.com)
Date: Tue Dec 11 2001 - 17:38:26 EST

Ann said,

Joe, you said that members of the Assembly must have trust to vote
affirmative for a graduation. I guess if no standards are set up then
that is partially true. I guess I don't quite get why you would say
that. You just totally take the students word for their claims?

Actually I am saying that I trust the methods of Fairhaven enough to
believe that a student who has spent several years at our school can be
the only determiner of when they have completed their course of study at
the school. And I feel that it is inaccurate to say there are no
standards. One must be a member of the school in good standing for
three years in order to receive this trust.

Mark and I are always pondering on the philosophical question of: what
is an effective adult?

That is precisely the question the members of our assembly began asking
themselves. Many of us decided that we could not answer that question
for others. And funny enough, several of those who *do* want to answer
that strike me as decidedly ineffective and all too adult.



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