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From: Ann Ide (ann.ide@rcn.com)
Date: Tue Dec 11 2001 - 15:05:34 EST


Ann again. Linda, good to hear a new (for me) voice. You said it is difficult to predict if a student will be successful in the world at large. As I understand it, and I checked our handbook on this one, SVS's diploma states that one has "taken the responsibility to prepare" oneself to be an effective adult. Although elusive, I think prepare is a key word. Preparing to be effective doesn't mean one will be, as you said. Therefore, in our case, you would be looking at it differently.

Joe, you said that members of the Assembly must have trust to vote affirmative for a graduation. I guess if no standards are set up then that is partially true. I guess I don't quite get why you would say that. You just totally take the students word for their claims?

Next point. I think it was Morticia who was suggesting an individualized diploma process. I did my graduate work in an independent study program at Lesley College ( don't know if it exists same now, but..) . With my student advisors, (That's what they were called .Yuck.We wouldn't do that.) I planned what I wanted to study, how I would go about it, and how I would demonstrate my learning of it. It could be adjusted along the way. It was great. Then I was granted a degree with my specific studies listed. Somehow I'm having trouble imagining how this would work for teenagers in a Sudbury context. Don't know why I'm blocked here. Could you help me out with maybe a specific example? Thanks.

Not too sure, since I haven't attended a thesis defense yet; but I think the kids at SVS proclaim what their standards are for "preparing themselves to be effective adults..." and then proceed to prove how they met them. This would be sort of individualizing it. I'm pretty sure SVS didn't write up any standards to go by. Am I right on this SVSers? Mark and I are always pondering on the philosophical question of: what is an effective adult?



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