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From: morticia crone (
Date: Tue Dec 11 2001 - 08:25:50 EST

Hi, i'll just make use of some of scott's words here:

Leaving aside the question of what the word "diploma" means...

*The only place where any person _claims_ to be able to use a diploma
is as a tool in proving her/his worth to people who don't know him/her; sort
of an official and institiutional letter of reference.*

although i don't agree that it is meant solely to prove a person's worth, i
do believe a diploma is generally seen as a letter of reference.

*Any document called a "diploma" is designed to be perceived by others as an
endorsement given at the end of an evaluation.*

*If you think that an internal accreditation of the school is valuable, why
not just do _that_ and call it accreditation, rather than disguising it as a

i'd like to add some ideas here:

if i have understood correctly that diplomas (in SV schools) are awarded on
a needs basis - the student desires one and it is then given, why not
suggest a diploma committee? the members (as well as how many there should
be and whether staff or parents should be included in the diploma committee)
would be voted in and would rotate, according to normal school procedures.
the function would be to evaluate a student's self-chosen diploma criteria.
the student would be a part of the committee and could vote obviously on 1)
whether the criteria chosen for receiving a diploma are well-rounded,
clearly stated, or whatever they feel is appropriate and 2) whether the
student has met her/his own criteria presented to the committee before being
awarded the diploma.

for instance:
student x says, hey i'd like a diploma upon leaving this school. my diploma
should reflect this and that about me. a diploma committee is formed for
this purpose, or the existing diploma committee is used. the student
presents a list, however short or long, of criteria s/he would like to meet
in order to receive the diploma. in light of what student x has offered as
reasons for requesting the diploma, the committee, of which student x is a
part for voting and discussion purposes, decides whether these criteria
reflect the student's aims. the purpose is to be helpful. finally, once
the criteria are agreed upon, student x sets about to meet his/her own
chosen criteria. once they have been met to student x's satisfaction, s/he
offers up a paper or something that can demonstrate how and/or that student
x has met her/his own criteria to the committee (again of which student x is
a part) for review. whether the diploma takes the form of an official
reference or a simple document, as is usually given, could again, be voted
upon (either by the then-current diploma committee or by the whole school
depending on the school's needs, views etc.). if, for instance, they voted
that the student had not met the criteria agreed upon - for that student,
remember this is a very individual suggestion here - then they would state
reasons and make suggestions so that the student could then work on meeting
his/her own criteria. there would obviously be no outwardly imposed time
limits or restricted number of tries.

that would be my idea... :-)



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