RE: DSM: Diploma

From: Joe Jackson (
Date: Tue Dec 11 2001 - 00:25:58 EST

> If you think that an internal accreditation of the school is
> valuable, why not just do _that_ and call it accreditation,
> rather than disguising it as a diploma?

Because A)I consider such a statement to be a legitimate core meaning
behind a diploma, B)such a document with such a meaning represents for
us what the analogous diploma does for other schools, and (therefore) C)
denying our students with a diploma that means for us what the diploma
means for conventional schools needs to be defended, not the other way

I think where we get in trouble is whether we fundamentally accept the
definition of diploma that some in our society would like to limit us
to. As long as we are willing to accept this assumption that "diploma"
insinuates external exam (which, by the way is not backed up by any
legal or other dictionary that I can find), we are merely placing the
expectations of some in our society as obstacles to our students.
Unnecessarily, I think.

You're up late, my friend...



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