RE: DSM: Homeschooling and the sense of community

From: Liz Reid&Errol Strelnikoff (
Date: Mon Dec 10 2001 - 19:24:24 EST

> Where do you live (if you don't mind saying!).?

We live in San Clemente, California. We are in the old part of town
where it is still maybe forty percent hispanic.

> homeschooled in Minnesota
> for several years, but it was hard to find others that were exactly
> "unschooling". We'd get together, but often the parents'
> agendas were the
> most important. Even when I started an "unschool", it devolved into
> schooling because the parents who thought they wanted to
> unschool only
> wanted to do it until they found out the kids really wanted
> to play all day.

I'm not sure what you mean by an "unschool". We just get together as
the days present themselves. We have a calander email list on Yahoo
groups and when someone has a plan to do something or go somewhere they
can post to the list and to the calander and if anyone wants to join
them they do. We have two park play days a week and sometimes two or
more field trips per week. You go if you can or you don't go. Some of
the people in the group are doing some school type stuff at home. A
couple are even doing a full-on curriculum. But a large portion are not
doing any curriculum other than what the children want to do themselves
and they are pretty passionate about it. I love it because then I don't
feel like I am the most radical in the group.

> I think there's a place for lots of options in the world.
> Homeschooling
> filled our needs for awhile, and then my kids wanted to go
> on, first to
> private schools and then to public schools. If kids have the
> option to try
> other things, I think it follows what I believe to be the primary
> democratic directive: self choice. Letting the child
> investigate, weigh
> the options, and make important decisions.

I agree. There may come a time when a free school will be what we need
and we may have to move to find one. But then again it may be something
else they need.



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