Re: DSM: Diploma

From: Christopher Weeks (
Date: Mon Dec 10 2001 - 18:59:24 EST

> 1) Do you believe the word diploma automatically implies an underlying
> evaluation of the student?

I think that in the vernacular understanding it means successful
completion of _some_ set of studies. The normal person would assume
that to be an evaluative procedure.
> 2) If so, what has influenced your understanding of the definition of
> the word "diploma" to bring you to think the word implies that a student
> with a diploma from an institution was tested in order to receive it?

Only my common understanding of the language.

It seems to me to be pretty insignificant whether or not you can 'squeak
under the line' of what diploma technically means. What really matters,
I think, is what do you want Fairhaven's diploma to mean. To me, the
point of a diploma is to grease the gears of society and nothing more.



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