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From: Ardeshir Mehta, N.D. (
Date: Sun Dec 09 2001 - 15:40:26 EST

Hi all,

Re. just this bit:

> <snip>
> My automatic understanding of the word diploma is a document granted upon
> the _successful_ completion of a course of study.

The problem is defining what is "successful".

Is it a sign of success when someone -- be it child or adult -- just
does as he or she is told, without evaluating exactly WHY they
should be doing it?

Is it a sign of success if someone remembers certain data for an
exam, promptly forgetting them after the exam is over?

Is it a sign of success that someone (again, be it child or adult)
achieves a certain goal, if that goal is in fact insignificant or
unimportant -- and as a corollary, is it a sign of failure if they do
NOT achieve a goal which happens to be great and worthwhile, but
which is very, very hard to achieve, perhaps even impossible,
though one may try as hard as one can to achieve it? (As an
example of the latter, bringing about peace on earth; as an example
of the former, remembering the dates of certain historical events
that took place centuries ago.)

These are rhetorical questions, but they show that success or
failure is not as easy to measure as may be commonly thought.

Best wishes,

Ardeshir <>.


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