Re: DSM: The homeschool curriculum

Date: Sat Dec 08 2001 - 10:25:13 EST

Dear Scott,

Thank you very much. You write:

> But, insofar as the school itself does not start it's
> relationship with a student with a plan for how any given
> student will unfold -- that there is no "curriculum" which
> limits or defines the type or sort of information which will
> be pursued -- the term "school" sometimes misleads
> people.

Exactly, the "school" does well by declining to pursue a curriculum or an
agenda for the child at the start of it's relationship with the child. It
could do equally well by declining to pursue an agenda or curriculum at the
end of it's relationship with the child. It could decline to pursue language
and questions as to whether the child has "prepared themselves to become
responsible members of the larger community". I would suggest that language
more suited to the leaving and the ending might be "Thank you, thanks for

Warm Regards,
Bill Richardson


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