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From: Malc Dow (
Date: Fri Dec 07 2001 - 13:10:45 EST

It was a good two bits. I agree with this. Especially regarding drugs, TV
and AIDS.
I don't censor the kids (1.5 - 6 - 10) TV, but I always ask "Why are you
watching this?" In a nice way... like turn me on to it... I want to know
And I make jokes about the adverts. "Draw the Owner of that toy company!" I
But I fear I have indoctrinated them, for these days out come very detailed
pictures of fat men in limos.
My biggest regret is having the TV at all when there were non stop replays
of the WTC collapse. Non stop. A TV shop even had the thing on a huge window
screen for the passers by. You couldn't get away from it. And here in
Germany with all the details, people jumping out of windows etc. (I gather
the coverage was a bit more restricted in the UK). The 1.5 year old does a
really good impression of a plane hitting a tower, with sound effects. The
six year old is waiting for part II. The 10 year old has produced a stunning
series of digital cartoon drawings. Worthy of any art gallery. Neither
terrible nor whimsical, just pure Disney with an edge.

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From: Ardeshir
Mehta, N.D.
Drugs, tobacco, alcohol and many other things are also harmful.
We will never keep our kids away from them by simple prohibi-
tions. ...


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