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Date: Fri Dec 07 2001 - 11:33:06 EST

I agree with what Joe said. I want to ad one other point. In order to send
my daughters to a Sudbury School I had to look at a lot of my assumptions
about the best way for children to be raised. When I looked, I saw that many
of my opinions were based not on observation, or personal experience but
handed down to me from other people.
After Columbine, there was a huge witch hunt to find out what had given these
boys the idea to do this. All violent entertainment was indicted. There was
talk of banning the making of violent video games.
It's easy to blame commercial enterprises. It's more difficult to look
deeper. The fact that these shootings to place in a school, you would think
that the school system would be looked at. Our cultural bias is that schools
have no interest in profit so therefore are exempt from causing harm.
I heard only one voice during that period blame the school system. I saw a
psychologist (on television) say that these boys were more like thirteen year
olds then seventeen year olds. He felt that schools did not allow for enough
choice and autonomy.
The part that hit home for me was not his solutions to the problem but the
feeling that we were doing something as a society to extend our children's
childhood rather then facilitating their growth into adulthood.

(Joe, I'll chip in on the TV for Joseph's family especially since thanks to
their subtle coercion my daughter has taken up knitting. Here, thanks to my
Sudbury enlightenment I had dropped many of my own value judgments about
television, and would even looking forward to the day when my daughter could
support us in our old age writing scripts for sitcoms. But alas, thanks to
those Josephlings my daughter now sits in the living room with the TV off
knitting. )
Evelyn Hardesty
DVS Parent


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