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From: morticia crone (medea9mac@surfeu.de)
Date: Fri Dec 07 2001 - 04:08:02 EST

first an aside,

*No, a _parent_ can choose to turn it off. And
homeschooling is, in fact, simply the replacement of one
curriculum for another.*

scott, do you think that sudbury can be offered in the home? i mean, legally calling it homeschooling but the parent in question who is at home offers sudbury free choice and values? i understand that the whole democratic structure wouldn't work because the scale is so much smaller. feel free to refer me to books if this has been dealt with elsewhere. (there have been some books mentioned but i lost track of the titles, if anyone cares to remind me/us.)

* I challenge you to do this: CITE the research which
demonstrates that "as long as one is watching TV, one is
inextricably drawn into its clutches." I'd like to see the
methodology of these studies.*
ok, insofar as i understand the research, our eyes cannot take in all the activity on tv - the pictures move too quickly, however, they try to. since our eyes can never take in all there is to take in they get *stuck* trying - the only solution is to turn away. whoever has a better lay description, please, go for it. here is some research to support this that i have found so far:
der gefrorene blick, rainer patzlaff who uses (among others):
Peter Crown,Gregg Featherman, et al.: Electroencephalographic and Electrooculographic Correlates of Television Viewing, Final Technical Report, National Science Foundation, Student-Originated-Studies, Grant No. SPI 78 - 03698, Hampshire College, Amherst, Mass, March 1979
Keith Buzzel: The Children of Cyclops. The Influence of Television Viewing on the Developing Human Brain, 1998
this book, der gefrorene blick (the frozen stare, i would think), is filled with references, but i hesitate to use them until i have read that portion of the text which is supported by them.



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