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Date: Fri Dec 07 2001 - 10:26:23 EST

Dear Martha,

Thank you very much. You wrote:

> SVS has an agenda as much as
> traditional schooling, for that matter.

It may be really quite understandable, given all the work, years of work,
needed to start and keep a sudbury school going, that some goal is agreed
upon. And it might seem even reasonable from the perspective of founders and
staff and parents that this goal could be the building of a school where
children would finally be offered real education. A place where they would be
given the freedom to prepare themselves to become responsible members of the
larger commuinty. Given this view, this perspective, Sudbury, is easily the
best school, the best education, on the planet.

There are, however, other views, other perspectives. For instance, consider
how the child actually lives Sudbury. For example, consider all the nearly
inumerable moments of many children, over months, as they created
Plasticine. Engaged in thunderous social and cultural productiion, none of
those nearly inumerable moments were informed by the notion that they were
somehow preparing themselves to become responsible members of the larger

My best idea is that play is play. Plasticine is plasticine. Fishing is
fishing. Social and cultural production is social and cultural production.
Freedom is its' own justification. Freedom is self referential. If it tends
toward anything it tends toward creation. And since we do not know what will
be created, we are still left without goals. A school without goals. A school
without an agenda.

Such a school is itself a thunderous social and cultural production, that is
ill served by being called education.

Warmest Regards,
Bill Richardson


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