DSM: RE: Re: Television

From: Liz Reid&Errol Strelnikoff (lizanderrol@home.com)
Date: Fri Dec 07 2001 - 01:59:00 EST

> far as Joseph
> is concerned, I vote we make him buy a TV to make him prove
> he wouldn't
> censor his kids if he had the chance. That whole "I never bought one"
> thing is just a big excuse to cover up the all-so-apparent pattern of
> criminal television deprivation he has perped on his Josephlings.

I pretty well agree with all you say (minus a few reservations on the
love of free-market capitalism, I would prefer one with a more humane
welfare system, which is a bit anti-capitalist at best).

I thought that the above statement was rather interesting though. You
seem to be taking the position that if you can afford a tv and you don't
buy one then you are depriving your children.

We don't buy newspapers in our household, would you consider that
deprivation? We also don't have a radio, we don't have a microwave, we
only have one computer....

I am a little unclear on what is deprivation and what isn't. If you
could afford to live near the beach and you as a parent choose not to
are you deliberately depriving your children of the experience of
surfing? If you could move closer to a Sudbury school and choose not to
is that deprivation?

How about my own youth, we moved to Europe and traveled around Europe,
Africa and the Middle East for ten years in a bus, we did not get to
watch much tv. My Mother once said that not having tv was a great part
of traveling. Were we deprived? Are my kids deprived because we aren't
travelling around but we do have a tv? (Okay, I'll admit we don't have
any reception as we don't pay for cable, but we do have videos. Are we

Please enlighten us.



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