DSM: TV in a Sudbury context

From: Joseph Moore (joseph@ivorycc.com)
Date: Thu Dec 06 2001 - 14:48:08 EST

I can see how Sudbury parents can come down reasonably on either side of the
TV thing:

Some of us believe that it's just one of many things in the environment that
can be either good or bad in varying degrees, and that it is best to share
what we know and then just trust the kids. If you already own a TV and watch
it yourself, it would be pretty inconsistent to tell your kids that they
don't get the same freedom, after all.

Other believe TV crosses the same line that compulsory school does: it's so
manipulative and its goals are so contrary to what we believe and want for
ourselves and our kids that it is to be avoided. In my case, that doesn't
means that I actively try to stop our kids from ever seeing anything on TV,
but rather that I feel no need to provide a TV for them in our home that we
otherwise would not own.

Within a Sudbury context, either of these approaches seems workable to me. I
think (and this is wild speculation based on personal evidence only, so
people with more experience please correct me) the Sudbury experience tends
to make kids less happy with totally passive entertainment, and (personal
opinion only) TV is really, really boring almost all the time. If you're
used to unregulated interaction with others or even just doing whatever you
want, TV doesn't cut it, at least not for very long.

But, for kids subjected to traditional schooling and with unlimited TV in
their lives - that's some evil synergy going on there.



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