DSM: turn off the TV

From: Freekids@aol.com
Date: Thu Dec 06 2001 - 13:29:16 EST

<< Not to get too far afield, here, but - TV does not have an agenda? . . .
No paid ads = 99% less TV. And I would dispute that the programs are
 mere reflections of what people already want to see - there's too much of a
 feedback loop for that to be the case.

Three loosely related ideas:

Advertisers control the content of television more directly than viewers.
For example, ABC, NBC, and CBS continually refuse to sell air-time to the
adbusters media foundation, (among others). Their messages, that people
should buy less, or drive less, or turn off the TV, are apparently too
upsetting to the other advertisers for these networks to risk airing them.

The US govt. not always content with its other forms of influence (FCC, etc.)
recently aired some anti-drug messages, unique because they were actually
written into the storylines of some popular shows. These aired messages were
paid for by some "war on drugs" legislation, just like regular public service

Our School has a TV, which is used primarily as a monitor for watching
videos, occasionally, as a monitor for playing video games, and once this
year, on September 11th, it was used for a few hours as a TV. I suspect
people here find their time better spent when they are out of the feedback
loop altogether.

-Robert Murphy

Cedarwood Sudbury School
Santa Clara, California

PS See www.adbusters.org or read Culture Jam, by Kalle Lasn for more


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