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From: Joseph Moore (
Date: Thu Dec 06 2001 - 12:56:52 EST

> From: Warren McMillan []
> If you have a problem with traditional schooling, surely one
> of the reasons is that its mandate is to 'shape' or condition children
> according to an agenda predetermined by some anonymous bureaucrats in a
department of
> education somewhere. You reject traditional schooling in response and
> your child from this harmful conditioning and send him/her to a place that
> is free of this kind of manipulation ie. a SV school. Yet, you allow your
> child to be influenced by the equally manipulative environment of the
television. TV > is not benign. Every image and every word is carefully
crafted or filtered by
> anonymous agents in order to condition your needs, wants, opinions,
preferences and
> attitudes to match their own political or commercial agendas.

Good points. Two things to add:

1) Advertising is *designed* to "condition your needs, wants, opinions,
preferences and attitudes to match their own political or commercial
agendas" - this phrase could have come right out of any of the marketing
books I was required to read as an MBA student years ago. Sure, advertisers
spend money to figure out what people want - as a first step to manipulating
them into wanting what they have to sell, from soda water to cars to
political platforms. And billions and billions of dollars spent on
advertising every year say it works great.

2) Compulsory schooling and TV: Hand, meet glove. Schools are designed to
crank out "human resources" - people reduced to commodities that are then
'consumed' by employers. But, to complete the circle, one needs those 'human
resources' to become 'consumers' to buy what those companies produce - the
economy, such as it is, would collapse if it were otherwise. So, passive
reguritators of state 'education' become, at home, passive receivers of
'information', including information on what to buy in order to correctly
place yourself in the social strata. TV isn't the only thing used to this
end, but it's sure is effective.

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