RE: DSM: Re: Re: Re: sudbury in the home

From: Joseph Moore (
Date: Thu Dec 06 2001 - 12:25:59 EST

> From: Scott David Gray []
> On Wed, 5 Dec 2001, Joseph Moore wrote:
> > Tone establishment moment: the tone is jocular.
> >
> > Wait a sec, Scott - isn't the argument you make about
> college exactly the
> > one to apply to TV? You can get all the positive stuff TV
> has to offer
> > (about 3% of the content, to my gimlet eye) someplace else
> without having to
> > put up with all the nonsense.
> Absolutely. I would not force a person to keep away from
> college. Getting rid of the family TV forces that issue.

??? "Getting ride of"? There never was one. By not buying an expensive
consumer good I don't want, I'm forcing an issue? And all this time I
thought TVs were optional!

> > I listen to the radio while I wash dishes, read the paper -
> and don't miss
> > TV one bit, except when the Lakers are on. I can even watch
> news clips over
> > the Net when it's important (that's what I did September
> 11th). And, I don't
> > have to watch any ads!! Stupid sitcoms will never darken my
> living room,
> > "Reality" will not be reframed as a pack of
> attention-starved rat-eating
> > idiots, Dan Rather's furrowed brow will never o'ershadow
> the ponderous
> > TRUTHS escaping the barrier of his unnaturally white teeth!
> In these small
> > things, and much more, I rejoice!
> >
> > Just another view, your mileage may vary, and so on,
> > Joseph
> >
> > BTW: Compulsory school is *also* "a core part of our
> cultural experience and
> > lexicon", yet some of us feel we're better off without that
> particular
> > shared experience. ;-}
> A kid can choose to turn off a TV her/himself. Can a kid
> choose to turn off truancy laws her/himself?

That wasn't your argument, Scott - you argued that TV was a "core cultural
experience" and that those denied TV were somehow to be "pitied". Compulsory
school is just as much, if not more, a core cultural experience. So, am I to
pity the poor Sudbury kids who won't have the compulsory school lexicon to
fall back on, just as you presume to pity me and (even more so) my children
for not having a shared TV lexicon?

It's a pity I keep missing those Lakers games,


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