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From: Karen Locke (
Date: Thu Dec 06 2001 - 12:13:54 EST

, Morticia wrote:
>however i remember being desperately curious as a child about certain
>programs that i simply shouldn't have watched - like jaws and carrie to name
>the main two that stick out in my head.

My daughter became curious at about age 10 about scary movies. I tried to
discourage her, but she persisted and we rented "I know what you did last
summer" , its sequel, and a couple others. She had nightmares a few nights
and took some back without watching more than 10 minutes, but generally she
was okay. She began to distinguish between interesting scary and
gratuitous scary, and finally decided mostly not to rent them
anymore. That year she also had a very scary mask for Halloween, which
hung in her room for a long time. It seemed like it helped her face down
her fear and learn how to distinguish between things she really wanted to
see and things she didn't.

I agree that second guessing what our kids "need" implies that we don't
trust them to distinguish those things. I think it actually encourages
them to become irresponsible.



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