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From: Marvin K. Mooney (
Date: Thu Dec 06 2001 - 10:54:39 EST

--- morticia crone <> wrote:
> however i remember being desperately curious as a
> child about certain programs that i simply shouldn't
> have watched - like jaws and carrie to name the main
> two that stick out in my head.

Having been raised in a very autocratic home (and
being not so far from childhood yet, at 20) I think I
have a little bit of perspective on this.

Children are curious about everything, but most
particularly (as are all humans) about those things
that are forbidden. While we will all make poor
decisions from time too time, deciding for a child (or
for *anyone*) what they *shouldn't* do is

I was not allowed to read certain types of novels
(thrillers, horror) as a child because my parents,
probably quite rightly thought they would be too scary
for me. But forbidding it just made the desire
stronger, and I (predictably) managed to find a copy
of "The Silence of the Lambs" at the age of ten. It
was terrifying and I had nightmares for weeks, but in
the end I came out ok. Had my parents just understood
my curiosity I would, at the very least, have had
someone to talk to about the things that frightened
me. I think it is not the parents job to protect
their children from mistakes. At some point in a
child's life they will be exposed to everything we
want to keep them away from. I know a number of
adults (relatively speaking) who were not allowed to
watch television (or eat candy, or stay up late or
anything else along those lines) and all it results in

are adults who have an undue fascination with that
which they were denied as children.


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