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From: Ardeshir Mehta, N.D. (
Date: Wed Dec 05 2001 - 17:59:25 EST

Hi everyone:

morticia crone wrote:

> greetings!
> there has been research done to show that watching teevee and how the eye
> and brain react to it (different than when watching a video) can be very
> hazardous to the brain and social conditioning. i think the english title
> of an apparently very well researched book would be: the frozen stare, by
> rainer patzlaff (der gefrorene blick - deutsch).

This may or may not be true for certain kids, but I don't believe
it is true for kids who have been brought up free. Their own
bodies will tell them when it's time to quit watching TV and do
something else. No intervention from adults is ever necessary.

I have let my kids watch as much or as little TV as they wanted.
They have both benefited greatly from it. My older son, Cyrus,
who has difficulty reading, gets so much information from TV
that he's first in his class (in a public school: we don't have a
Sudbury school here in Ottawa, unfortunately). He's perfectly
healthy at 15, even though he also eats whatever he wants,
which is mainly ice cream, pasta and chocolates, washed down
with gallons of milk. My younger son Arthur (13 years old) also
has difficulty reading, though my wife reads copious amounts of
material to him (mostly adult books: Lord of the Rings, Shogun,
that sort of thing). He is even more intelligent than Cyrus so he
hates school and doesn't go there on many days. He has dozens
of friends, is highly social, and has a huge amount of general
knowledge. AND he is very healthy.

Giving my kids the freedom to watch as much TV or play as
many video games as they ever wanted has not hurt them one bit.

Ardeshir Mehta
Ottawa, Canada

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