Re: DSM: sense of community

From: Bruce Smith (
Date: Tue Dec 04 2001 - 23:40:08 EST

The sense of community I feel at Alpine Valley School is one of the things
I most cherish, not just about my school but also in my life in general. I
am a staff member, and not a parent, but the feeling of belonging and
support has been consistent, gratifying and, at times, almost overwhelming.
>From everything I've observed, the students and parents here also perceive
and value the community we share.

In School Meetings, sometimes a speaker will disavow responsibility for
others' behavior or happiness. While some may find that frustrating, let me
point out that (in my opinion, at least) all students' first responsibility
_is_ to themselves, to learn who they are and how to act responsibly on
that knowledge. Our students do, by and large, feel a very strong sense of
responsibility for the welfare of the school.

Finally, it's just as likely as not that someone at a Sudbury school would,
any given time, undertake a project designed to enhance the larger
community. If Ann hasn't witnessed such an activity at SVS, that of course
doesn't mean it didn't/doesn't happen, there and elsewhere.


At 10:29 PM 12/4/01, Ann Ide wrote:
>Here's another question of mine. I've only been at SVS since April 2000.
>In my limited exposure to kids at school I haven't been able to tell if
>they develop a sense of community- a feeling of belonging to a group of
>people that you can trust and you feel cares about you and you care about
>them;people you can count on for support if needed. I can observe small
>groups of friends that feel that way about each other; but does it expand
>larger than that? Does it include parents at all? Do parents feel it
>(that's another issue/topic- but one I care about.). Do kids learn to care
>about others outside of school? I felt a bit sad that I didn't see or
>hear of any activities to help others after Sept. 11 (or at any time for
>that matter). I only see activities to take care of selves. Maybe that's
>age appropriate? Any thoughts?


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