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Date: Mon Dec 03 2001 - 22:07:39 EST


Yaacov is well known to many of us who have been around the Sudbury model a
while, and for years he was indeed a one-man-band in Israel, raising a lot
of ruckus -- in the social-revolutionary sense -- when Hadera was the only
Israeli example of a democratic school. And he is still a key agent

More importantly, a careful reading of the article reveals the many ways in
which even these schools provide adult-endorsed agendas and courses. It
would be inaccurate to identify them with the Sudbury model directly, even
though I know that Yaacov and his comrades (Hi, Menachem!) have derived huge
inspiration from the example of Sudbury Valley over the years, have visited
many times, and maintain close ties with many of us.

All-in-all, it is a wonderful and unique variation on the theme --
different, and worthy of our respect and support.

Alan Mitter-Burke
parent, staff spouse and board member, formerly at Red Cedar, currently at
Sudbury Valley

on 12/2/01 6:07 PM, Kolleen at wrote:

> Interesting article.
> Am I being sensitive or did there seem to be a flavour that democratic schools
> were the 'invention' of one person and exclusive of Israel?
> k


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