RE: DSM: What if....? about re-entry

From: Kolleen (
Date: Sun Dec 02 2001 - 08:43:37 EST

>Sally writes:
>I was imagining a return to
>traditional schools without that skill in mind.

>I hope we never have to face this. We'd like to be able to enroll in a
>sudbury model school and stay there. Life just isn't that predictable. Not
>our lives, anyway. Not right now.

Sally, There are alternatives to 're-entry'. One can homeschool in an
unschooling way. Start your own 'type' of democratic school. Or find one
of the many democratic schools that exist that ISN'T a sudbury school.

If the thought exists that 'I can't do that to my child', then you'll
find a way if necessary.



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