Re: DSM: textbook question

From: Alan Klein (
Date: Sat Dec 01 2001 - 20:20:21 EST

I don't know, Joe. Sounds like a pretty thin line in many ways. Government
money is, after all, government money. What about restrictions on the kinds
of books one can buy with the money?

I don't understand what "public tuition money" is. Please explain.

~Alan Klein

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From: "Joe Jackson" <>
> Title VI is not an example of using public funds for the operation of
> the school. These finite monies are funds specifically earmarked for
> books, and the monies involved never enter into the operating budget,
> and are therefore not part of the school operation. As opposed to
> public tuition money, which is *not* finite (if you accept it from one
> student, you have to accept it from all).


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