DSM: Virus can enter without attachments!!!

From: Liz Reid&Errol Strelnikoff (lizanderrol@home.com)
Date: Thu Nov 29 2001 - 02:25:33 EST

I have copied this post I received from another list. This worm can
infect your computer without opening an attachment if you are using
Outlook or Outlook Express. Details on how to get rid of it are below.

> The latest threat -- not a virus but a worm called W32Badtrans-B --
> not come as an attachment which must be clicked, but is more stealthy,
> which is why many people received it and passed it on, and may still
> infected, without knowing it.
> If the recipient is a user of Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express,
> allowing the message to display in the preview pane will activate the
> and install it on your computer.
> This worm goes beyond the previously believed safe-computing dictum
> ordinary email cannot contain viruses, trojans or worms. It now can,
> Microsoft if to blame because of the huge security holes in its
> systems and software.
> Here (see below) is a Web link to some information direct from a good
> source on the Web. This tells you how to remove the worm without using
> anti-virus software.
> In addition, standard anti-virus programmes like Norton's and
> properly updated with the latest virus definitions, can stop and
> Badtrans. (I've already cleared a couple of clients' computers.)
> Anyone who WAS infected for a period of time before they removed the
> Badtrans worm may want to consider their data compromised. Badtrans
was not
> a destructive agent, but a spy: it sets up a keystroke logger that
> periodically sends all your keystrokes to some other location. This
> that your passwords and any financial transactions that involve
> numbers or PINs may be compromised. The worm starts sending logged
> keystrokes immediately and regularly, without your knowing it or being
> to easily detect it. You should consider changing any of these which
> consider critical.
> There are also several other new viruses out in the last few days,
> are more destructive of data on your computer.
> If your computer is behind a firewall, the firewall will stop most
> but trojans like the W32Badtrans may slip through.
> Always practice safe Internetting by either using a firewall or an
> anti-virus programme. (Even if you use a Mac!)


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