Re: DSM: Graduates without essential life skills

Date: Tue Nov 27 2001 - 22:18:35 EST

Dear Ardishir, Edwardo, Galyle, Kristina, Mark, Peter and William,

Thank you very very much.

 At the moment it appears I am nearly certain of only three things.

First, if children play Plasticine for months and months, it is clear that
they are not expending vast quantities of emotional and psychological energy
defending themselves. They have seized freedom and have used it to become
undefended. Undefended life is the whole of the value of Sudbury.

Secondly, because Sudbury allows undefended life it is about 10 thousand
times more valuable than the usual and prevailing notion of a school. But
never forget that the people at Sudbury, the actual staff and children, the
very ones who risk living undefended life, are, in fact, 10 thousand times
more valuable than Sudbury.

And thirdly, I am indeed certain, that I had a child and visited a hundred
schools and then saw Sudbury. And it broke my heart. To think of all the
schools, and all the children.

Warm Regards,
Bill Richardson


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