DSM: kicking kids out

From: Karen Locke (KLOCKE@mn.rr.com)
Date: Tue Nov 27 2001 - 22:14:47 EST

Our school is going through soul-searching about kids who seem not to be
able to handle independence, having problems with hitting others, not
following school rules, not changing their behavior. The kids we're
dealling with are written up, go to RJC, and then do the same things or
worse the next day. We've had several "good" kids leave the school because
they were being harassed and beaten up.

 We would like to know how other schools deal with kids who may need to
leave because of behavior. Is there a set policy? Have you ever kicked
kids out? What steps are just short of that?

We're meeting about this tomorrow at 3PM, so any help before that would be
appreciated (after that too, on list or privately)


Karen Locke
Village School of Northfield


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