Re: DSM: Graduates without essential life skills

From: Ardeshir Mehta, N.D. (
Date: Mon Nov 26 2001 - 18:03:31 EST

Hi Bill, and Friends:

I agree with you, Bill, that it is much better to offer freedom
WITHOUT a purpose than to offer it with (one or more) agenda.

But the point I was trying to make was in reply to your previous
post in which you wrote, and I quote:

> Dear Peter,
> ... <snip> ...
> Sudbury Valley is life, lived. Period.

Now suppose a child does NOT go to ANY school -- Sudbury
Valley or otherwise. Surely it can't be said that or she does not
live life as a result, now can it?

Likewise, if a child goes to Eton, Harrow, Winchester or any
other school: he or she lives life there too.

One lives from the moment one is born until one dies -- it can't
be avoided. The question is, HOW does one live? And how can
one's school contribute toward making that life better than it
would otherwise have been?

My question was, and once again I quote:

     What I think Peter was getting at was a way to speak to precisely
     WHY an SVS should be the school of choice -- as opposed to, say,
     Eton or Harrow. (I look back on my own schooldays with fear and
     loathing, modeled as my school was after these English "public"
     schools -- even though it all happened over forty years ago.)

All the best,

Ardeshir <>


Bill Richardson wrote:

> Dear Ardishir,
> There are two choices. We can offer the child freedom wihout a purpose.
> The freedom will be self-referential. We will hold no goals in mind for the
> child. ...If we do this, we have created an alternative to education.
> In the second choice, we, in fact do have an agenda. We are not totally
> content with the freedom offer, in and of itself. We hope that it will be
> used for some good or for the child's betterment. ... In this choice, we have
> not created an alternative to education, we have created alternative education.
> We ourselves have become the educationists we so soundly decry.
> Warm Regards,
> Bill Richardson


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