Re: DSM: Graduates without essential life skills

Date: Mon Nov 26 2001 - 09:37:11 EST

Dear Ardishir,

    There are two choices. We can offer the child freedom wihout a purpose.
The freedom will be self-referential. We will hold no goals in mind for the
child. The child may use the freedom as they wish, as long as they abide by
the community norms. This offering allows for extremely creative outcomes,
but we simply have no idea what they might be. In this choice, we have no
agenda. We do not, for instance, hope or wish that the child prepares himself
or herself to become a responsible member of the larger community. We are
content in our offering, and whatever they make of it, that is sufficient for
us. If we do this, we have created an alternative to education.
     In the second choice, we, in fact do have an agenda. We are not totally
content with the freedom offer, in and of itself. We hope that it will be
used for some good or for the child's betterment. We hope that it will be
used for some progress or development. The freedom becomes a treatment, a
program. We have goals for the child. We have these goals, even if we never
ask, for years and years, but, only silently expect or wish or hope that the
child does, in fact, prepare himself or herself to become a responsible
member of the larger community. In this choice, we have not created an
alternative to education, we have created alternative education. We ourselves
have become the educationists we so soundly decry.

Warm Regards,
Bill Richardson


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