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From: Scott David Gray (
Date: Sun Nov 25 2001 - 11:34:19 EST

On Sun, 25 Nov 2001, morticia crone wrote:

> i'm not arguing whether or not to charge tuition, but you'll have to admit
> that for large families it will be a barrier unless the state begins to
> subsidize. are large families any less concerned about their children's
> education? not per se.

Nope, I don't have to admit that. :-)

The state _already_ subsidizes its own version of what
education should be. And it does it with tax dollars.

Given that the average budget paid for by a public school is
at least 2-3 times as large _per_student_ as a Sudbury
school, this presumably means that just about _any_ Sudbury
family would save money if the state got _out_ of the
business of subsidizing education and stopped taking those
tax dollars from us to begin with.

There is no way for the state to subsidize _without_ having
the state take control -- he who pays the piper calls the
tune. Please see an earlier post of mine on this at:

My general point is this: The problems you raise are real.
There are _many_ proposed solutions, and even if one of them
may work the reality is that the great majority (and we
don't have foresight enough to know which) would only make
the situation worse.

The answer, therefore, is to allow those small communities
of people who want to experiment with ways to lower the
costs of running a school to figure out how to do so -- so
that if any of them gets it right others can immitate.
However, to pick one's favorite plan and ask the
_government_ to implement it, virtually guarantees that
_every_ citizen (whether they signed up for the plan or not)
will be made to suffer. Indeed, this is what happened with
Horace Mann and the Massachusetts Board of Education.

> mort~

--Scott David Gray
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