Re: DSM: Re: RE: state subsidy

From: morticia crone (
Date: Sun Nov 25 2001 - 11:08:10 EST

hi scott,
i searched the net and the sudbury site and the least expensive school i
found, besides Blue Mountain in Oregon which turned out not to be a viable
option at the time, was a school in Colorado that asked 5 hundred something
a month. i must not have tried yours out because i wasn't considering the
east coast.

your prices: 4,750 first child, 3,562.50 (75%) for child #2, and 2,375 (50%)
for child #3, the total being 10,687.50 for the year, divided by 12 months
is 890.63 - a fairly good price for 3 kids at a SVS school. the most
expensive i encountered were in california.

i'm not arguing whether or not to charge tuition, but you'll have to admit
that for large families it will be a barrier unless the state begins to
subsidize. are large families any less concerned about their children's
education? not per se.



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