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From: Joe Jackson (shoeless@jazztbone.com)
Date: Sat Nov 24 2001 - 20:33:16 EST

Oregon has a pretty wide-open charter school policy that makes it
possible for Blue Mountain to function without the normal constraints a
state places on state-funded schools. A Sudbury school would pretty
much be impossible in most other states, if for no other reasons
mandatory testing.

I, for one, am not interested in taking public money for the operation
of Fairhaven. I don't want to ever be in a situation where the public
or the government have a stake or say in the operation of our school,
and legally, accepting public money gives it to them.

And between our Tuition Assistance program, automatic third-sibling rate
for families that meet the federal free lunch standard, and tuition
prices that average less than half of the rate charged by private
schools in our area, Fairhaven tuition can be practically free for those
who qualify. So I don't agree that the financial issue is a serious
impediment to attending.

-Joe Jackson

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there is a svs school near cottage grove, oregon which is subsidized by
the state. this means no tuition. no 1,453.13 dollars a month for my
three kids. how did they manage this? this isn't capitulation. this
is maintaining the model and at the same time making it accessible. not
a bad idea if you ask me. are other svs schools interested in state
support? if there were then no doubt a helluva lot more kids would have
a chance of attending. it's not a question of enuf drive or desire or
determination that gets parents to scrape up the dough. the tuition
prices may seem quite fair to those of you involved in running a svs
school, but for some on the outside looking in, the tuition may as well
be iron bars 'cause there's little hope that we could afford it before
our kids don't need it anymore.



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