Re: DSM: Graduates without essential life skills

Date: Sat Nov 24 2001 - 10:00:28 EST

Dear Peter,

Thank you for your post and your general question at to whether Sudbury can
speak to some minimum or "essential" set of skills.

No, it can't.

Sudbury Valley is another view, a different paradigm, a separate discourse.
Sudbury Valley is not "for the purpose of....".
Sudbury Valley is not "so that the child will....".
Sudbury Valley does not "tend toward.....".
Sudbury Valley is life, lived. Period.

Education is the paradigm that attempts to speak to your question. Education
will offer a "treatment", it will define the child as an improver, it will
chart "progress", trumpet goals. And then it will finally judge, or as they
say, "apply a rubric". Sudbury will do none of those things. Sudbury and
education are two disparate notions, and we will not fundementally understand
Sudbury till we fundementally understand that it is not education.

Warm Regards,
Bill Riichardson


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