Re: DSM: Graduates without essential life skills

From: Bruce Smith (
Date: Fri Nov 23 2001 - 15:17:31 EST

In my 5 years' experience with Sudbury schools (which has included knowing
a few long-term graduates first-hand), I have not heard of a single
graduate who felt at a disadvantage for having attended a Sudbury school. A
Sudbury diploma is predicated on exactly the standard Peter raises: having
prepared to become an effective adult in the world at large.

Every one of Peter's "essential skills" speak to practical competence, and
since Sudbury students live a real-world curriculum every day, they gain
infinitely greater preparation than do their traditionally-schooled
counterparts. In fact, I challenge the traditional model to do as well as
Sudbury schools have on this count. No school can guarantee that its
graduates will thrive in society; to my mind, however, Sudbury schools
allow their students to develop in spades the real-world skills that
traditional schools marginalize, and without the heavy burden upon their
competence and personal development far too typical of traditional

Bruce Smith, staff
Alpine Valley School


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