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If you have read the books, then you have the answers you need. My guess is that your wife will be a different story. This guess is based on decades of interaction with people who have negative reactions to democratic schooling and who ask for "more data" to back up the model. Such people have a gut level reaction which is impermeable to data. They remind me of the woman interviewed on Morning Edition (NPR) yesterday who was going to drive to her Thanksgiving destination, rather than to fly. When she was reminded that it is still actually safer to fly than to drive she said, "I understand that and I agree. I still feel safer in the car." It is the FEELING that is more important...the "objective" data clearly pales in comparison.

Engaging your wife in a "battle of data" will probably be unproductive. Engaging her in her misgivings and fears may be productive

I also wonder if your wife's list of "minimal essential skills" might not be different than your own.

Good luck, ~Alan Klein ----- Original Message ----- From: Peter Shier

Let me begin by saying I am extremely pro-Sudbury model schools. I have read five of the SVS Press books (including one with interviews and studies of graduates) and I do not need any convincing. I have visited multiple Sudbury model schools and loved each one of them. I have even lectured to a local senior group about the phenomenon called Sudbury Valley School and democratic models of education.

My wife, on the other hand, is far less convinced and she has brought up an interesting question: do graduates of Sudbury schools have the essential skills to thrive as an adult in our society?

IMHO, essential skills are minimally:



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