RE: DSM: Thoughts on Tuition Structure

From: Liz Reid&Errol Strelnikoff (
Date: Tue Nov 20 2001 - 11:39:21 EST

If someone from SV came on this list with a proposal to change the type
of birdseed you buy at Sudbury Valley and soemone came up with a
suggestion to try such and such a brand, would anyone have bothered
lambasting them for giving advice that wasn't wanted? I doubt it.
Obviously the tuition structure is a very touchy subject that should
never have been brought to this list in the first place. My objection
is in how Mimsy handled it. Rather than complaining to those of you who
presented the list with this information, she dumped on a couple of
people who innocently wrote a few of their ideas down, as people tend to
do on e-mail discussion lists. It reminded me of a person who is angry
at their boss or their wife and they can't take it out on them so they
beat the kids or the dog instead.

It might be fun to elaborate on this further along the lines of: how can
someone who could be considered a representative of Sudbury Valley
behave in such an immature fashion?

How about this for a reason: at Sudbury your behaviour is of no
importance, you can do what you want, just don't get caught! There is
no need for anyone to examine why they do what they do, they just have
to do their penance and they are exonerated. Therefore there is no
reason to behave morally. It was far safer to get angry at a bunch of
unconnected people who can do nothing back, than to have shown anger at
Scott or Dawn or any of the other people who brought this stuff to the

Is this how the behaviour of people at Sudbury has become conditioned to
the system?

There, how is that for a discussion topic!

(And Joe, I know you are going to go on and on that you don't want
anyone headshrinking your kid and I wouldn't either. Does that mean we
are stuck with this other thing?)



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