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Date: Mon Nov 19 2001 - 15:59:45 EST

At 08:16 AM 11/18/2001 -0700, you wrote:

> > I've worked with both of these groups and have seen the sparks of
> interest
> > and the abilities, though often hidden, but they would be unable to
> operate
> > on their own. In first case, they will need some intervention to
> help guide
> > them to the place where they can see their own self-worth. Its unlikely
> > they
> > would find it on their own This is also often the case with kids with
> > disabilities when they are concentrating on what they can't do
> rather than
> > what they can do. And, some just do not have the skills to live
> completely
> > independently.
>rone to suggestion. The point though, is that the
> > Sudbury model would not work for every student. How can we help those
> > students? What is the school model for those students?

Having worked in Special Ed, I know that sometimes the reason academically
disabled kids concentrate on their disabilities is because the SCHOOL
does. Regular schools have such a narrow focus (reading, math, writing)
that kids with other gifts (fixing bikes, wrestling, painting) are all
excluded from the "successful" track. SVS could conceivably help these
students with self-worth issues because it values all activities equally.

The problem I'm coming up against is that some students seem unable to
control their behavior in our school. Thus, emotionally disturbed or
behaviorally disordered kids seem to have trouble here. What have other
schools done about kids with rampant behavior? I know that sometimes kids
are removed. What have been other effective strategies?




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