Born Yesterday. Was: DSM: Thoughts on Tuition Structure

From: Jesse Fisher (
Date: Sun Nov 18 2001 - 19:12:44 EST

Mimsi, et al.
  Never in my wildest fantasies would I assume you were all born yesterday!
My particular offering was not given as advice at all, but a "have-you-thought-of-this?" suggestion. Kind of like what your non-mechanic brother-in-law would do when you complain that your car is making that weird sound again. He offers suggestions because he cares about _you_. He doesn't necessarily have a clue how to fix it, but desires to show support by making a suggestion.
  Please don't assume we outsiders discount your experience or wisdom. We who are not connected to the school desire your every success!

Jesse Fisher

> I said to myself that I wasn't going to write about this subject. After
> all,
> this maillist is not going to make any decisions. But after reading the
> latest writings, I cannot contain myself.


> But for people who are not, in any way, connected with the school, to
> suddenly start giving advice, as if we were all born yesterday, seems
> strangely out of place. Am I alone feeling this way?
> Mimsy


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