re: DSM: Thoughts on Tuition Structure

From: Dana M Bennis (
Date: Sun Nov 18 2001 - 14:20:55 EST

It seems as though the sliding scale tuition plan proposed by Dawn is the
only plan presented so far that allows families of all economic levels to
attend the school. Lower income families could not easily afford the
other suggestions nor does it seem that they can easily afford the present

Perhaps a further extension of the sliding scale plan would be more
effective: Come up with a basic tuition figure, and then let each family
determine for themselves what they can afford. No percentages to
choose from, but let them come up with a number that is good for them.
This way families with a great deal of money would hopefully pay a sum
larger than the average, while families with less money would be able to
pay less than the average. The extremes would pay a great deal more
or a great deal less. And I strongly agree with Dawn to not question
what they give. Use the honor system.


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To reiterate my last post on this subject:

The current policy of 100-75-50 _is_ a compromise between
two opposite positions -- one seeking a "family" rate
(100-0-0), and the other seeking an "individual" rate

For the details of why I feel it would be a mistake to
"renegotiate" that compromise, please see my post at


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