Re: DSM: RE: RE: Teens just want to be alone?

Date: Sat Nov 17 2001 - 13:04:54 EST

Hey Liz,

It's come to my attention in the six or so years I've been a student at SVS
that a students or staffs opinion is always their own, whether itís been
influenced by another person, it has always been a fully conscious decision on
their part. Of course, as any good politician knows, the more friends,
influence and even how charismatic you are, the more likely your motion will
get past in pretty much any democratic situation. But to think that a students
vote can be manipulated as if they were nothing but a puppet is giving the one
in question way too much credit Ė SVS kids, I like to think, are a lot less
naive then some people put them off as. ;) Hope that helps!

-- Jess M.

"Lisa, what would we be if we gave equal jobs to people who obviously weren't
   - The Simpsonís.

> From the time I first got into a long discussion with Mimsy on the topic
> of the role of parents at Sudbury schools I have been wondering how
> things worked in practice. Not that I am any clearer on this now, nor
> that this issue would be stable. But I always did worry about how the
> school's culture would be affected by the opinions of people like Mimsy
> and whether her thoughts were being reflected in the teens or the other
> way round.
> Although, of course Sudbury Valley is a pure democracy where, since
> everyone is free, no one's thoughts are influenced by others unless they
> have consiously chosen to be so influenced. Right?
> Liz

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