RE: DSM: Re: Dawn's theory about kids getting hit

From: Joe Jackson (
Date: Fri Nov 16 2001 - 16:34:28 EST

> I see more than the two choices you discussed: ignore a
> problem altogether or hostile confrontation.

I'm sorry; I'm having trouble figuring out which email you are
responding to. If you click "reply" the message to which you are
responding will copy in the body of your response.

If you are responding to mine, please note that I would tend towards a
firm but friendly confrontation, not hostility, and that I state there
are many ways to handle such a situation without ignoring it.

> It is more than a matter of agreeing or disagreeing, having
> different opinions. It is one thing to behave unskillfully in
> a situation, quite another to defend that unskillfulness and
> even more mistaken to promote it as part of one's philosophy.

I don't think that you have demonstrated that there is one "skillful"
way to react to the given situation. Until that happens, I'm simply
hearing someone call everyone who disagrees with them "unskillful" and



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