Re: DSM: What if....? Side-Looking Airborne Radar

From: Ardeshir Mehta, N.D. (
Date: Thu Nov 15 2001 - 19:25:08 EST

Great story, Malc! And goes to show that a person schooled
in the right way will definitely do well in life, regardless
of what others might think when s/he is actually undergoing
the schooling.

Ardeshir <>


Malc Dow wrote:

> I hope this is not regarded as too off thread...
> but I think it is an illustration of
> education philosophy, very much
> connected with Sudbury and
> other forms of alternatives in
> education....
> The Motorola representative arrived
> with some very interesting SLAR
> (Side-Looking Airborne Radar)
> technology ...
> He was interested that I was
> at Dartington Hall School, then
> one of the progressives in the
> UK. He had been largely home educated,
> one reason being that he was an
> American Indian, and had been getting
> a lot of flack for this at his school,
> another being the need to lie and cheat
> at school, whereas at home the
> attitude was honesty rules....
> Motorola got the contract.
> Not just because of the tech.
> but because the guy was really
> genuine, and social, and friendly,
> and not trying to impress anyone,
> and left everyone thinking nice
> thoughts about Motorola. ....


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