DSM: Re: Dawn's theory about kids getting hit

From: Kristin Harkness (kristin@harkness.net)
Date: Thu Nov 15 2001 - 15:28:26 EST


The first rule of this list is:

" 1: You may not post an attack on another member of the list to the list.
It is acceptible to critique the position of other list members in the
context of discussion, but it is not acceptible to criticize the _person_ of
the poster."

Many posts in recent days have, in my opinion, violated this rule, and have
attacked Dawn, not Dawn's positions. The posters are all new (as far as I
can tell) so perhaps they are not aware that these kind of messages are
against the rules of this forum.

Dawn states her opinions in no uncertain terms. Clearly there are people
who disagree with her. Fine. If we stick to debating the ideas, the result
is an interesting, if often highly charged, debate. Let's keep it that way,

Unfortunately, the damage has been done, and many people who don't know Dawn
have now read some pretty nasty and untrue remarks about her. I feel that,
as someone who knows Dawn very well, some words in defense of her character
are in order at this point. Dawn walks her talk. One night when we were in
college, we walked out of the student center and into a fight in which one
guy was choking another. With no regard for her own safety Dawn waded in
and broke it up. A few years later, four men attacked one of our neighbors
on his own porch, late one night, intending to rob him. Dawn happened to
be right there, as she was returning from walking the dog. Again, with no
thought about herself, she ran across the street to stop it. Fortunately
she had the dog in tow, and he began to bark. Between the two of them, they
were enough to scare the attackers off. Afterward the neighbor said that at
least one of the attackers had a knife. These people were glad that Dawn
didn't just look the other way. The neighbor said that he thought he was
going to die, but when Dawn came "the sun came up, the sky was blue, and the
birds were singing!". And yes, she confronts parents who hit their kids in
public. I find it interesting that this would cause anyone (other than me,
who sometimes worries for her safety) to lose any sleep. Personally, what I
find frightening is people's ability to ignore violence against others, for
that is what allowed Kitty Genovese to be raped and murdered in view of her
neighbors, none of whom did a thing to help her, or even called the police.

I personally wish there were more people like Dawn - people willing to risk
harm in order to help a stranger.

Kristin Harkness


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