RE: DSM: What if....?

From: Joe Jackson (
Date: Wed Nov 14 2001 - 16:22:47 EST


> Note also that, as a character on the British TV show "Yes,
> Minister" once said, all this is excellent preparation for
> working life, especially as an employee of the government or
> a large corpo- ration! All this is PRECISELY what you're
> supposed to do there too.

This is maybe sorta kinda a somewhat smashing generalization. :)

I work for the U.S. government, and I don't know one single person who
works for the fed that doesn't need every single ounce of creativity and
"thinking out of the box" they can squeeze out of themselves. In fact,
many of the most creative people I know work for Uncle Sam.

And the people I know that excel at public service often have the same
quality that people that excel in the private sector as well as in the
arts: they were able to (often at personal cost) resist much of the
"spark extinguishing" administered in their schooling experience, and
emerge with lots of creativity and imagination and independent thinking

Additionally, many of people that grew up relying on schooling
environments where the discipline is externally-reinforced tend to wash
out pretty quickly in government service, at least in the U.S. military
where external reinforcement means UCMJ.

Joe Jackson


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