Re: DSM: What if....?

From: Karen Locke (
Date: Wed Nov 14 2001 - 11:50:57 EST

Laura wrote:
>Here's a question I've heard a lot lately that I thought I'd give to this
>list. "What if I have to put my child back in a public school?" (I guess
>meaning - will the child be able to adjust? Will they be "behind?" ) I
>know I've seen and heard this question addressed somewhere before. I'd like
>to be more prepared to give an answer to that the next time it comes up.

Both of my kids were enrolled in groups based on SVS (we don't have a
really democratic school around). My daughter chose (with her father) to
go to public school in 5th grade and my son chose it (again with his dad)
in 9th grade. Neither had had formal instruction in reading, writing or
math except sometimes in the spring before the tests we half-heartedly did
some math. My daughter ended up in the highest reading and math groups and
loved her teacher (and therefore school) the first year back. I enrolled
my son in pre-algebra since he hadn't done much math, and the teacher there
questioned why he wasn't in regular algebra. I think both were somewhat
behind in writing, but it's hard to say what their writing skills would
have been like if they had been in schools. Both kids liked some things
better in schools(more friends, mostly) and disliked some things (homework,
especially). My son is now 18 and says he doesn't regret either decision,
unschooling or schooling. He learned from both. (mostly in high school he
learned how little respect adults have for kids in that situation!. But he
also had some good teachers in English, Social Studies, etc.)

Karen Locke


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